CZ P-10 C

The CZ P-10 C now available in Canada!

“Improving on perfection” is a bold claim, but the CZ P-10 C gives it a fair crack.

This new Czech made, polymer framed, striker fired pistol hasn’t been on the ground for much more than a year, but it is already gaining a solid reputation. So much so that Guns & Ammo named the CZ P-10 C their “Handgun of the Year 2017”.

The well regarded CZ ergonomics are present throughout the P-10 C’s design. The sturdy, fibre-reinforced polymer frame provides a grip with a more traditionally vertical angle (which many shooters consider to be friendlier to the human wrist!). And, as with almost all modern polymer framed pistols, the CZ P-10 C’s grip comes with interchangeable back-straps in small, medium and large.

Some other ergonomic features include an undercut trigger guard which allows for a high grip; a very aggressive stippling texture; and an ambidextrous mag release and slide lock.

The CZ P-10 C’s slide, complete with serrations front a rear, is nitride coated and should be plenty tough enough to stand up to hard duty in all weather. The side of the slide has a loaded chamber indicator by way of the extractor which bumps out when a round is in the chamber to give good visual and tactile indication.

The barrel on this CZ is as beefy as they come. It has traditional rifling (which means uncoated and cast bullets are good to go), and has a chunky, full width locking block. The CZ P-10 C has been described as having a better trigger than any other striker-fired pistol on the market, with a clean break at around four and a half pounds, followed by a short, positive reset. All this amounts to excellent accuracy potential.

Whilst the CZ P-10 C is too new to have had its reliability thoroughly tested, reports have been good thus far, and CZ’s reputation is solid, so we’re not expecting any issues.

As with any new gun, accessory manufacturers will take a while to get with the program, but the good news is that the CZ P-10 C will comfortably fit in P-07 holsters and many glock 19 holsters.

The compact frame and slide of the CZ P-10 C means that – due to Canada’s minimum barrel length laws – we get the threaded barrel. This in and of itself isn’t the worst thing in the world, but the accompanying suppressor sights certainly isn’t the best thing in the world. Thankfully, several companies are working on producing sights for this pistol, including Trijicon and XS.

With a retail price of between $600 and $700, we think the CZ P-10 C will be a solid contender in the Canadian pistol market.

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