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Tactical clothing can be at once incredibly practical and entirely superfluous. Take, for example, the case of the average BDU shirt. Adorned with chest and waist pockets once used to carry everything from Lucky Strikes to ammunition, those same pockets have since gone almost completely ignored for the better part of a decade as load bearing gear has replaced traditional webbing, making them little more than annoying scraps of fabric that bunch, bind, and chafe under vests and plate carriers. So, Vertx decided to do away with them entirely, and created the Gunfighter shirt in the process. Developed in cooperation with SWAT operators, the sterile design of the Gunfighter shirt provides the same comfort as a camouflaged sleeve-equipped t-shirt, but does so with a bit more ruggedness and warmth, not to mention the added versatility of a full-length zipper. Also, it features such thoughtful design cues as a stand-up, or mandarin collar that fits tightly around the neck to keep brass from going down your shirt, as well as low-profile pockets on the arms and a comms-wire pass through with Velcro closure. The price? Roughly $120.