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If you’re reading this and asking yourself if it’s possible to get excited by a belt, you’re probably not alone.  It’s a big flat string that holds up your pants, and you hang your gun on it.  Can this actually be improved in some way that’s interesting enough to write about?

Well, we can tell you knows the answer: Velocity Systems, who, as their shirts proudly advertise, do “good things for good people, who do bad things to bad people”.   Actually, they’re not the only people who know the answer.  We know the answer too, because we spent all morning playing with a belt.  Seriously.

Velocity Systems’ belt rig is just one of the good things they’re doing; every inch of it just screams attention to detail.  We’re not going to give you the full script here because there’s just too much to say and we’ve got another one of our gear comparos in the works, but in the meantime, drink in some photos and take note of a couple of key features: if you look, you’ll see we have five pieces of gear with five different attachment setups: Tek-Lok, random kydex overhook, malice clips, TAG proprietary MOLLE interface, and Blade-Tech adjustable loop.  Notice how they all attach perfectly with no adapters?  Go on and marinate on that for a little while.

Also, take a close look at that micro hook and loop.  It sticks like velcro, but you could rub it on a baby and not feel guilty; it’s that smooth.  If you’re like us and you’ve used two-piece belt systems and ripped a bunch of forearm skin off on the hook side, you know exactly why this is cool.  So you run the enhanced rigger on your pants, you don’t flense yourself, and when it’s go time, you slap the Operator right overtop of the extremely thin, flat, Enhanced Rigger.

So give us a couple of weeks to get our belts in order here so we can get you all the details, but believe us when we tell you that if you’re not checking out Velocity Systems, you’re missing out.

Oh, and just wait until we tell you about their Rugby shirts.  Yeah, we’re not done here.  Stay tuned.