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There’s a surprising amount of debate out there about pants to wear while shooting.  We’re not sure why this is a huge topic of conversation, but people seem to really get going on leg covers.  Maybe it’s the pockets: people somehow seem to feel it’s less like a fashion chat, and more like a gear selection issue.

But nobody ever talks about shirts, which is funny, because shirts actually play a much more complicated role in keeping you comfortable.  You might wear them under other layers; you might even have armour overtop.  You might have a rifle slung up; you might have them tucked in to keep them away from your holster.  You could be hot, or cold, and for whatever reason people seem to change their upper layers a lot more than their lowers to regulate heat, so if you want to treat a piece of clothing like gear, make it your shirt.

And maybe make that shirt a BOSS Rugby shirt from Velocity Systems.  We’ve been rocking these for a few weeks and while the big payoff is coming this summer when we’re cooking on the range for a ten hour shooting day, just having them on hand to deal with the ever-changing outdoor temperatures of the Canadian autumn has made believers out of us.

The cut is athletic, the fabric is a technical jersey material that wicks sweat like crazy, and the modern rugby collar is the heat for keeping rifle slings from wearing a groove in your neck.  Sleeve pockets made of soft loop allow for unit patches, so if you’re looking for uniform-athletic or serious training gear, check out Velocity Systems BOSS Rugby.  We like it so much, we’ve decided to start using the term “boss” again for anything that’s cool.  Bin your polos, guys.  Go BOSS.