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After debuting at SHOT Show 2015, the downward-ejecting Kel-Tec RDB has finally been classified by the RCMP FRT office as a non-restricted firearm. Building off the success of the RFB, the RDB takes that ambidextrous model made popular by Kel-Tec’s medium-calibre bullpup, and modifies it for 5.56 or .223. The result is a smaller, lighter package that is also looks to be somewhat simpler; ejecting rounds downward behind the magazine well rather than forward.

US-market RDBs are currently available in two formats: The conventional RDB most are familiar with and the RDB-S, or RDB Survival, which trades the pistol-grip style of the original RDB for a swept-back sporter-style grip obviously developed for those states where pistol grips remain verboten. The Survival model also features folding sights, and an extendable stock. While either or both could come to Canada, it is likely the conventional RDB will be first model to break cover here, with some obvious changes to satisfy Canadian law such as barrel length, etc.

With a US MSRP of $1,273, if the RDB is priced in a similar fashion as other Kel-Tec products in Canada, we expect to see a retail price below $2,000; perhaps around $1,800. We have been informed that more detailed pricing information will be available as soon as dealers are notified. Furthermore, in terms of timelines, production of Canadian models awaits further details on specific Canadian-market modifications. However, a tentative shipping date of late January 2018, with Canadian deliveries coming sometime in the first quarter 2018, has been hinted at.