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The importance of a good spotting scope can’t be overstated. Be it in the pack on a hunting trip or sitting next to you on the range bench, being able to throw your vision downrange in the high-magnification, wide field-of-view manner that a good spotting scope allows is absolutely paramount to good shooting. But not surprisingly, the varying demands required by the various tasks you might ask of a spotting scope often leads to either investing in multiple spotting scopes, or more likely compromising some of your needs to own one jack-of-all-trades scope. However, if you have the means, Swarovski has a potential solution to that particular problem in their line of ATX/STX modular spotting scopes. Dividing the spotting scope in half, Swarovski now allows one to attach a variety of objectives to either a straight, (as in the STX), or angled (as in the ATX) eyepiece. With a trio of objectives that include a light and compact 65mm lens diameter, a somewhat larger 85mm lens diameter, and a huge 95mm lens diameter, the systems allows one to configure the scope to suit any situation, but it doesn’t come cheap. Expect to spend between $3,200 and $4,300, depending on the model.