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Not surprisingly, keeping your peepers intact while operating a firearm is of the utmost importance. There are any number of obvious reasons why ballistic eye wear is important for you to have, but let us tell you why Smith’s Aegis Echo Eyeshield Deluxe kit is one you should strongly consider; be it you need a new set or are heeding our advice and upgrading. Designed to eliminate pressure points, they ensure sore temples are a thing of the past. Available in two fits, all-day comfort is their main goal, and you might even forget you’re wearing them… even with a helmet over top. The kit comes with three lenses: clear, grey and yellow, meaning you’re able to shoot in most light conditions. Furthermore, the lenses offer 100% UVA/UVB protection, and are also treated with an anti-fog and scratch coating. Tapered to prevent optical distortion, they also feature Smith’s PivLock Lens Interchange Technology for quick and easy lens swapping, and are completely compatible with all other Aegis lenses. Convinced? Us too. You can get your hands on a kit for roughly $110.