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With C-42 expected to pass into law any day, the inability to challenge the CFSC and CRFSC exams is going to become reality. However, BC-based firearms safety instructors at Silvercore will be launching the next best thing shortly with Canada’s first web-enabled CFSC and CRFSC tools. Designed to guide students through much of the written exam’s coursework with extensive instructional tools, this online portal will allow students to effectively undergo the written portion of the CFSC and CRFSC courses online, with the intention that they can then go to a local instructor to get the instruction on the practical portion of the course as well as revisit any of the online information they need to, and then complete their CFSC and CRFSC exams. For instructors, Silvercore hopes the online tool will allow instructors to double their course loads, as the online component can be completed at home, reducing the time required to administer the CRFSC and CFSC by half. Furthermore, it stands to reason that this tool will help younger CFSC and CRFSC students who have grown up in an environment of online learning get their start in the firearms world.

Silvercore’s official statement follows:

Vancouver, BC, Canada, June 16, 2015

Silvercore Advanced Training Systems is pleased to announce the launch of Canada’s first blended learning model firearms safety course.

Through web enhanced instruction, Silvercore continues its long term vision of standardizing training. This hybrid model of instruction contains the online delivery of theoretical content combined with in-person practical training and testing with certified instructors. Silvercore’s firearms Safety Course content is developed by in-house certified instructors and master instructors and exceeds the requirements set out by the Canada Firearms Program. Silvercore’s hybrid course has the advantages of:

• Guided learning at your own speed

• Ease of accessibility to residents in all areas of Canada

• Increased accountability for course delivery

• A higher level of administrative accountability

• Standardized safety training

• Full, ongoing, student support from Silvercore, Canada’s largest firearms training organization!

• Silvercore’s unique training platform is being made available to students and instructors across Canada!

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