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The day is finally here. Your representative is probably either en route to or already in Ottawa for the next parliamentary session, and you owe it to yourself, your hobby, and your elected representative to let them know you exist, and you care about their treatment of Canada’s gun owners.


So if you haven’t already, snag their email address off this website and shoot them a quick email. Either write them a quick note yourself, or use our template at the bottom of this article, but try and include the term “Constituent Communication” or something similar in your subject line. You want to ensure that the recipient understands that this is coming from someone they represent. And finally, CC our Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale and our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the communication as well.

If you’ve done that, we strongly urge all gun owners to do two more things in the very least: 1) Get at least one of your hunting or shooting buddies to do the same thing, and 2) take to an alternative form of communication to ask your MP to recognize that Canada’s responsible gun owners are not the problem. Call them up on the phone, set up an appointment to talk in person (best!), send them a letter in the mail (no postage required!), or simply hit them up on Facebook or Twitter. If you use social media, we suggest using the hashtag #welcomeback.

We ask all gun owners be respectful and polite in their efforts, and concentrate on maintaining a positive tone. Ask members of parliament (regardless of affiliation) to recognize that responsible gun owners are among Canada’s safest citizens, and to realize that gun control diverts funds and attention towards means when we most need to concentrate on motive. We all want the same thing; a safer, more secure Canada.


My name is ___________ and I am a law abiding firearms owner located in your riding, ___________. I wanted to let you know that I do not support any new firearms bans or gun control legislation. There are many of us that feel this way in ___________ and I personally believe that this needed to be brought to your attention as my representative in parliament.