This Devil’s Brigade logo sticker commemorates the First Special Service Force, a kick ass group of Canadian and American special service forcemen who let our WWII enemies know “das dicke ende kommt noch,” or “the worst is yet to come!”

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The First Special Service Force, better known as the Devil’s Brigade, was a joint unit comprised of troops from the US and Canadian militaries during World War II. Trained in “unconventional warfare, the F.S.S.F. was one of the world’s first modern special operations units, and their commander Robert T. Frederick designed this sticker for his troops while the group defended the Allied beachhead at Anzio. The Forecemen would place these stickers on the helmets of enemy casualties and visible emplacements in German-held territory during their regular night raids, leaving them to be found by enemy troops and letting them know “das dicke ende kommt noch,” or “the worst is yet to come!”

The Devil’s Brigade sticker measures 4” by 5”.

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