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It’s easy to tend towards the negative side of the discussion we now need to have. To discuss the merits of PVC pipe, or the rapidly growing collection of Mike in Canmore is quite simply too easy. And it’s not like those thought are springing unbidden from our subconscious: We, as gun owners, are gazing into the maw of a potentially crippling four years ahead. There can be no discounting that fact. It will be, in short, a difficult period.

And with many of our fellow gun owners still feeling the personal sting of a volunteer effort or campaign gone wrong, we can allow ourselves a brief moment of defeat, an evening to mourn what could have been. But nothing more. Because we’re going to have one hell of a fight on our hands eventually within this Liberal term, and we cannot spare any time to wallow in self-pity or indulge defeatist notions.

No, instead we should view these four years ahead as the crucible within which the gun community in Canada will finally be forged into the single cohesive entity it needs to be. We need to cast aside the petty issues and strife our community has fallen victim to in the past, recognize that we are far more powerful as an individual group than a group of individuals, and be prepared to invest in our collective future as gun owners to ensure that the Canada our children inherit is one we recognize. As Winston Churchill said, “An optimist sees an opportunity in every difficulty, and a pessimist sees a difficulty in every opportunity,” and we need to make sure that we find absolutely every opportunity possible within the difficulty we now face.

You, as gun owners, have my solemn and personal promise that Calibre will strive to keep gun owners apprised of the situations we’re going to need to address. We will always work to ensure gun owners are getting the best information presented in the best way possible, because as the end of the day, ensuring we as a community are better-informed is the first step towards maintaining a pro-active stance on gun regulation in this country. We’ll help organizations, clubs, and groups direct member and public efforts to the best possible effect, and have plans already in place to concoct a few strategies of our own, all of which will require help from folks like yourselves. So if you haven’t already, add us to your bookmarks, check us out on Facebook and throw us a like or follow, and get this out to as many gun owners as you know. Because united we will stand.

Daniel Fritter