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Savage is best-known for its centrefire and rimfire rifles, but it sells shotguns too, many of them under the Stevens sub-brand. Now, there’s a new series of Stevens 320 pump-actions, with thumbhole stocks. Savage is marketing these towards the security and hunting markets.

Despite its focus on rifles, Savage has a long history with shotguns, under the Savage name and other sub-brands. About a decade ago, Savage was also selling the Chinese-built Stevens 350 pump-action shotgun, which was based on the Ithaca 37 design. Savage no longer sells that line; currently, it’s got the 320 pump actions, which appear to be largely based on the Winchester 1200 design. They’re made in China, and seem to be better-liked than the 350 model.

Savage already had several versions of the 320 in the lineup, including short-barreled security models, waterfowl models with camo stocks, and tactical models with stripped-down furniture. The new thumbhole stock models are intended to serve in security and hunting roles. They come in 20-gauge and 12-gauge models, both chambered for 3″ shells.

The new 320 Thumbhole Security comes with an 18.5-inch barrel, texturized thumbhole stock and forend for added grip, and five-shot tube magazine. There’s a version with standard bead sight; for more money, a ghost ring site is available. Both the 20-gauge and 12-gauge versions weigh just over seven pounds. There’s a sling swivel attachment point on the tube mag’s end cap, and another on the buttstock. We haven’t seen Canadian pricing yet, but US pricing is $275 for the bead sight version, $305 for the ghost ring.

The 320 Thumbhole Turkey models have the same basic layout, but with green furniture, and a 22-inch vent-rib barrel with fibre-optic sights. It’s debatable whether the vent rib will actually do much good for low-volume turkey shooting, but that’s what customers expect on hunting shotguns, so that’s what they get. Mag capacity is the same, at five rounds, and the Turkey model is a few ounces heavier, at just over 7.5 pounds for 12 gauge and 20 gauge models.

Canadian availability?

Given the current gun-buying spree in the US, it may be a while before we see these in Canada, but they should be here eventually. Don’t expect massive aftermarket support for them, like most Chinese shotguns. But, if you want a basic, serviceable shotgun, the 320 series seems to be well-liked at its price point. Keep an eye on Savage’s website for more details.