New Mossberg Reserve over-under shotguns for 2021

Mossberg is bringing out a line of over-under shotguns again. For 2021, we’re getting the revived Mossberg Silver Reserve Field series as well as the new Gold Reserve series. They’re aimed at the hunting and sporting clays markets respectively.

First up, Mossberg is just rebadging these shotguns, not manufacturing them. They’re actually manufactured in Turkey; word on the street is, they’re built by Khan. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as Turkish doubles have come a long way in recent years. Still, Mossberg’s old Silver Reserve series did not have a great reputation. Perhaps this reboot is an attempt to correct issues with previous models?

Whatever the case, the Silver Reserve Field series is just what the name implies; this line is aimed at hunting use. These shotguns will come in 12, 20, 28 and .410 gauges. The Silver Reserve line has black walnut stocks, except for a blacked-out 12 gauge model with synthetic stock, which is obviously aimed at rougher usage (and lower MSRP). Laser checkering comes standard, and the Silver Reserve line has extractors, not ejectors. All Silver Reserve models come with cylinder, improved cylinder, modified, improved modified, and full chokes. They’re all supposed to weigh under 7.5 pounds. Bores and chambers are hard chrome-plated, and all gauges come with three-inch chambers, except for 28 gauge.

The barrels on the Silver Reserve series come in a matte blued finish. Barrel lengths range from 26 to 32 inches. These shotguns have a 14-inch length of pull, except for the 20 gauge Youth model, which has a 13.25-inch length of pull.

The new Gold Reserve series is basically the same shotgun, but with much nicer finish. These shotguns are intended for competition shooting. They come with jeweled actions, polished-blue barrels and silver-finish receivers (with scrollwork, and gold accents underneath action). The high-grade black walnut stocks are adjustable for comb height, cast and length of pull, and come with hand checkering. Most barrels in this series are 28 inches, but the Black Label model comes with 30-inch barrel. There’s also an up-specced Super Sport model, with added adjustability built-in, and fiber-optic bead sight.

Mossberg’s Gold Reserve doubles have ejectors fitted as standard, and come with the same five-choke set as the Silver Reserve series.

Canadian availability?

We have not seen Canadian pricing or availability announced yet for the revived Silver Reserve series or the Gold Reserve series. With their Turkish origin, it may be likely we’ll see them sooner, as the firearms industry is certainly in upheaval in the US these days. In the US, pricing is just under $700 for most Silver models, and just under $1,000 for most Gold models. Find more details on the new shotguns at Mossberg’s website.