New .300 PRC Savage rifles, and new left-handed PRS precision options

Savage Arms continues to update its long-range shooting options, with more rifles announced in the .300 PRC chambering, and new left-handed PRS precision rifles.

Hornady unveiled the .300 Precision Rifle Cartridge, aka .300 PRC, at the 2018 SHOT show. It’s intended to deliver long-range power with accuracy, using aerodynamic, heavy-for-calibre bullets. It’s a cartridge for shooters who really want to reach out long distances, and serious hunters.

Along with devastating downrange energy and precision, .300 PRC is also designed for optimal chambering and feeding from fixed magazines. It’s a non-belted design, headspacing off its 30-degree shoulder. It’s designed to use .308-calibre bullets with common magnum-speed rifle powders. Hornady says this makes for consistent velocity and increased barrel life. Hornady’s website lists two commercial loadings in .300 PRC. There’s a Precision Hunter offering, with 212-grain ELD-X bullet, and a Match loading, with 225-grain ELD-Match bullet.

Now, Savage is selling its 110 Long Range Hunter in .300 PRC, as well as the 110 Precision, 110 Elite Precision and 110 HS Precision. The Long Range Hunter and HS Precision both come with a 26-inch barrel; the 110 Precision has a 24-inch barrel, and the 110 Elite Precision has a 30-inch barrel. Savage’s press release says all these rifles will have Savage’s AccuTrigger, a detachable AICS magazine, and a one-piece 20 MOA rail. The barrels are what you’d expect, with button rifling, thread-in barrel headspacing and serrated lock nut.

We haven’t seen Canadian pricing or availability. US MSRP for the Long Range Hunter is $968. The 110 Precision carries a $1,499 MSRP in the US, and the HS Precision is $1,284. The 110 Elite Precision is the priciest model in the States, at $2,149. Canadian pricing will no doubt reflect our lousy exchange rate and other cross-border issues.

Left-handed Offerings

As for the left-handed PRS rifles: Savage now offers its 110 Precision and 110 Elite Precision models with left-handed controls. Both rifles have AccuTrigger and chassis from Modular Driven Technologies. The 110 Precision uses the LSS XL chassis, with FDE Cerakote, and the Elite Precision has the aluminum Adjustable Core Competition chassis; both have adjustable length of pull and comb. The 110 Precision also comes with one-piece 20-MOA rail, and BA muzzle break. The Elite Precision has a titanium nitride-coated action, with ARCA rail along the full length of the chassis, and a self-timing taper aligned muzzle brake for short-action calibres. Both rifles come in 300 Win Mag., .308 , 338 Lapua, .300 PRC and 6.5 Creedmoor. The Elite Precision also comes in .223 and 6mm Creedmore.

Again, we haven’t seen Canadian pricing or availability, but the left-handed 110 Precision starts $1,499 in the US, and the left-handed Elite Precision starts at $1,999. Both rifles will be available in that market later this summer.

For more details on the new .300 PRC and left-handed options, visit the Savage Arms website.