New gun control legislation is coming.

Briefly interviewed on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the Dawson College shooting, Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale told Canadian Press reporters that his government has already taken steps “to correct errors made by the previous government,” and reiterated that “work is in progress” towards implementing the Liberal Party’s election promises, which included “eliminating guns and assault weapons from our streets by working with the Minister of Justice to strengthen controls guns and assault weapons, including repealing certain elements of Bill C-42.”

What can you do?

On September 19, we are asking that all Canadian gun owners contact their local MP via any and all means possible to tell them that Canada’s gun owners will not accept any new gun bans, or any new gun control legislation. Tell them via email, regular mail, Twitter, Facebook, on the phone and in person. Ensure that your MP knows your name and understands that they are responsible to you, as one of their constituents, and that you will not stand for any more fear-based gun control legislation. Tell them that Canada’s gun owners are here, and we’re here to stay.

Find your MP by postal code here.