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If there’s one word that really piques our interest while shopping for clothes, it’s this: flannel. Call us traditional Canadians, or call us Al Borland, we just love the stuff. Warm, comfortable, and eminently stylish, we wish we could wear it all the time… and thanks to Mountain Khaki’s flannel lined pants, we pretty much can! Looking like any other pair of regular khaki pants, these can go from outdoor play time to indoor informal wear seamlessly (no pun intended), and are absolute excellent if you split your time between an indoor environment and the outdoors with any frequency. Constructed of 10.4 ounce cotton canvas and flannel, these sport Mountain Khaki’s familiar five pockets (four normal pockets and one extra low-profile side pocket), heel reinforcements to prevent fraying on boots, and gusseted crotch. As wearers of Mountain Khaki pants, we can vouch for their durability, and they’re right up there with Carhartt in terms of toughness. However, like most other Mountain Khakis, these flannel lined khakis run a tad small in the waist, so you may do well to order one size larger than normal. Price? Just shy of $100.