Mossberg Blaze 47 Rifle


Mossberg’s latest autoloading rimfire rifle, the Blaze, has managed to be both non-restricted and prohibited at the same time. Available in smorgasbord of different models, the Blaze is available in a variety of different conventional configurations with varying finishes, sights, magazines, and even in a shorter, more compact version for youths. These rifles have earned a non-restricted classification and are widely available. However, the Blaze 47 model has run afoul of the RCMP Firearms Lab, and has been listed as a prohibited firearm.

The Blaze 47 trades the conventional stock for a plastic kit designed to emulate the appearance of an AK-47. This rifle, although being internally identical to the Blaze (the AK-47 style stock and conventional stock are interchangeable), was recently classified as a prohibited firearm. According to a Federal Government source with knowledge of the matter, “The Minister’s Office has asked the RCMP to review the prohibited classification of the Mossberg‎ Blaze 47 22 LR rifle to determine whether it was made in error.”

Further information on the classification review will be published as it becomes available.