Colt Canada MRR 11"

New Colt Canada MRR Photos Surface – NEW 20″ DMR!

We are receiving a few more photos from Colt Canada of their new MRR lineup, showing some additional models, including one never seen before: The Colt Canada MRR 20″ DMR.

Most of these beauty shots feature either what we assume is the 11” compact rifle, or the 15.7” carbine-length rifle we’ve seen already, but afford a better view of some additional features and optional components, such as the C9A3 and four-prong flash hiders visible in these photos. All rifles pictured thus far have worn the same khaki-Cerakote finish with complimentary Magpul furniture. If the MRR family is to mimic that of the IUR, there should also be a 10” PDW format that remains unseen at this point.

Also visible are ambidextrous Norgon magazine releases and ambidextrous safeties, sling-compatible receiver lock plates; features that were already common on C8IUR rifles destined for law enforcement and special operations use. However, one distinction between the MRR and IUR seems to be in the handguard length. Whereas the 15.7” C8IUR carbine used the same shorter-length handguard as the shorter 11” rifle, the new 15.7” MRR uses the longer handguard length seen on the 20” DMR rifle. Although it obviously weighs slightly more than a shorter handguard would, this longer handguard section allows users to grip the rifle closer to the muzzle in the more modern fashion, but also allows for integral suppression; something we’ve seen in other photos of 15.7” 5.56 and 300 Blackout Colt Canada MRR rifles.

Finally, we have the first photo of the Colt Canada MRR 20” DMR. Honestly, while it may be “little more” than a 20-inch barreled version of the 15.7” rifles we’ve seen a few times now, for whatever reason the DMR remains the most lust-worthy version of the MRR format… at least as far as we’re concerned! However, Colt Canada has reminded us that these rifles remain unapproved for commercial sale as yet, and again specifies that any potential commercial sales will occur only after civilian interest has been gauged.