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A month after announcing the Renegade bolt-action rifle platform, Maple Ridge Armoury is showing off a completed, non-restricted production model. Now, the Barrie-based firearms manufacturer says it’s shipping showcase models to dealers, so customers can check out the rifle for themselves.

Maple Ridge Armoury announced the Renegade in early June, following the federal government’s ban on the AR-15 and other sporting firearms. At this point, the “spring assisted, straight pull, magazine fed firearm design” is actually only a bolt-action receiver and a few other assorted, smaller bits. To build a functional rifle, you’ll still need to add an magazine, barrel, bolt, handguard, buttstock and lower parts kit. Maple Ridge Armoury says the Renegade receiver will accept most AR-15 barrels, buttstocks, handguards, pistol grips and magazines. AR-15 bolt carriers, upper and lower receivers and charging handles do not fit the Renegade receiver.

The company also plans to sell fully-assembled rifles in coming weeks, with Trigger Tech trigger and proprietary MRA parts, with a price tag under $2,000. At this point, the website only allows you to pre-order the bare-bones receiver, for $799.95.

Why build a straight-pull bolt action that takes AR-15 parts? Maple Ridge Armoury is filling a demand for tactical-style rifles in the wake of the Liberal government’s banning spree. As well, this gives AR-15 owners a way to legally put their AR-15 components and accessories into use while they wait for court challenges to work themselves out.

Technical details

The spring-assist, straight-pull Renegade receiver has a side-charging handle that can be switched to either the left or ride side of the rifle. Either way, the rifle ejects to the right. There’s an integrated QD port at the rear of the receiver, and a flared magwell. Maple Ridge Armoury designed and manufactured the Renegade in Canada. It’s made from domestically-sourced 6061-T6 alloy, with hard black anodizing. The bolt carrier is made of HTSR 4140 steel, with black nitride coating.

Currently, the receiver also ships with MRA Renegade bottom metal, bolt carrier, charging handle and end plate. It also includes a .75-inch diameter barrel gas journal seal, allowing the use of aftermarket barrels with a gas port.

Thanks to its modular design, you can assemble the Renegade with barrels in a wide variety of chamberings. Many users will opt for .223, but Maple Ridge Armoury says 5.56×45, .300 BLK, 6.5 Grendel, .224 Valkyrie and 7.62×39 are also possible. For more details, head over to the Maple Ridge Armoury website. The first Renegade production run is already sold out, with delivery coming before August 31. There’s a second production run underway; those Renegade receivers and rifles will be delivered in September.