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Months after announcing its Renegade straight-pull bolt action, Maple Ridge Armoury now has a second option, designed to handle larger calibres. MSRP for the new MRA Maverick Receiver Kit is $899.95.

Like the Renegade, the new MRA Maverick action is a spring-assist, straight-pull action, designed to fit with commonly available rifle parts such as barrels, magazines, etc. It’s designed for full-power cartridges such as .308 Winchester and 6.5 Creedmore. While the Renegade was made to fit AR-15 pattern parts, the Maverick will fit AR-10 pattern parts. The Maple Ridge Armoury website specifically states it’s not compatible with AR-10 bolt carriers, upper receivers, lower receivers or charging handles, and also notes it’s “designed and intended to not be capable of discharging ammunition in a semi-automatic fashion. The design is novel and is not derived from any restricted or prohibited firearm.” This wording is probably intended to keep it off the ever-expanding banned firearms list.MRA Maverick

Very similar to the MRA Renegade design, obviously.The MRA Maverick receiver is made from 6061-T6 alloy, with anodized black finish. Red Tower Armoury offers other anodized finishes, but that will add to the cost, obviously. The MRA kit also includes bottom metal and a proprietary bolt carrier. Like the Renegade, the Maverick charging handle swaps from left to right side of the receiver. There’s an integrated mechanical bolt catch on the receiver, a feature the Renegade does not have. There’s a quick-detach sling port at the back of the receiver. The magwell has an exaggerated flare, to make magazine insertion easier. Due to its straight-pull design, the Maverick is compatible with a wide range of stock designs.

The kit also includes takedown pins and a gas journal seal (with .75-inch diameter). This allows the builder to use aftermarket barrels with a gas port.

For now, Maple Ridge Armoury is only selling the DIY kit. Buy it, and you’ll have to bolt on parts yourself, to finish assembling the rifle. You’ll need a barrel, bolt, handguard, buttstock, lower parts kit and muzzle device. If you’ve got a now-banned AR-10, chances are you have that stuff laying around already. Otherwise, you can easily purchase sub-components to finish assembling the rifle. Maple Ridge Armoury also recommends builders purchase its MRA Maverick Barrel Torque Rod, to make assembly easier.

Maple Ridge Armoury says pre-orders should be filled by March, 2021.

Fully-assembled rifles coming

In the future, Maple Ridge Armoury plans to build and sell completed rifles, just as it did with the Renegade kit. Expect the fully-assembled MRA Maverick to sell in the $1,500+ range. Maple Ridge Armoury should offer them by spring, 2021. For more details, keep an eye on the Maple Ridge Armoury website.