Here’s the new Savage Rascal Minimalist

Savage is keen on its new Minimalist stock design—so keen that it’s now available on the single-shot Rascal beginner rimfire rifle. The new Savage Rascal Minimalist is now popping up on the company’s website, in two colour schemes. Both rifles sell for a premium over the standard plastic-stocked Rascal models.

The Minimalist stock design offers no flashy modern features; it’s simply a reshaped buttstock that’s supposed to reduce weight and offer modern ergonomics. Savage debuted in earlier in 2020, offering it on Mark II series and 93 series rimfire rifles.

So far, the Minimalist rifles have all had laminate stock construction, and that’s the case with the new Rascal models. No doubt owners will find the trimmed-down design helps keep the stock from feeling clunky and heavy.

Along with the new stock design, the new Rascal Minimalist also has a 1/2-28 threaded barrel, with muzzle cap. Given that it’s chambered in .22LR, a muzzle brake isn’t necessary, though, and Canadians will be unable to legally install a suppressor. The Rascal Minimalist also has a user-adjustable Accu-Trigger and peep sights, a 16 1/8-inch barrel, a manual safety, and they’ve got an 11.5-inch length of pull. That’s slightly more than plastic-stocked Rascal models, but it should still be kid-friendly. Unloaded, the rifle only weighs 3.5 pounds.

Pink or Blue?

The Rascal Minimalist comes with either a teal/grey laminate stock, or pink/purple. Both versions have a $279 MSRP in the US; at this point, we haven’t seen Canadian retail pricing. We shouldn’t see a crazy markup over US pricing, since Savage builds the Rascal at its Lakefield plant in Ontario. However, it will certainly be more expensive than the standard kids’ rifles. When the Mark II Minimalist models debuted in Canada, they sold around the $400 mark.

Find more details on the new Rascal and other Minimalist rifles at Savage’s website.