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Although traditional scopes may always reign supreme as the preferred optic of rifle shooters, there’s a lot to be said for a good, high-quality red dot sight. After all, they are frequently the lightest, fastest, and most robust aiming option at a rifleman’s disposal, be it for sporting, tactical, competition, or even hunting use. The only downside is that these same qualities have made them extremely popular with the world’s militaries, which in turn has made high-quality units not only relatively difficult to come by, but also somewhat expensive. For example, Hensoldt, the military branch of Zeiss, produces an excellent red dot known as the RSA. In service with various militaries including the German army, the RSA is shock-proof, water-proof, and recoil-proof, and is powered by a hybrid system that can run off either solar energy or a back-up battery power supply if need be. The dot brightness is automatically adjusted and can be manually overriden, and the entire thing weighs just 100 grams. Not surprisingly, all this goodness comes with a price, but it’s surprisingly low: just $499 exclusively from Tactical Imports.