UPDATE: 4:35 pm PST

After speaking with Glock’s Canadian representative, we have been informed that commercial distributors will having pricing this weekend, and have already placed orders for the only Gen 5 pistol coming to Canada: The Glock 17 Gen 5. Civilian delivery times are expected to be in roughly two months.


Glock Gen 5

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The next generation of Glock’s perfect pistol will be available for sale in the USA next week. Here’s everything you need to know about the Glock Gen 5:

  • No more polygonal rifling; Glock Gen 5 barrels are conventionally rifled with match crowns. Glock is calling this hexagonal rifling.
  • Barrels will not interchange with any other Glock pistols.
  • Recoil springs are proprietary to the Glock Gen 5 as well.
  • New striker assembly featuring a teardrop-shaped striker.
  • Entirely revised trigger mechanism.
  • Only available in 9mm.
  • No finger grooves.
  • Ambidextrous slide stop levers.
  • Flared magazine well.
  • New nDLC finish.
  • No locking block pin in the trigger mechanism.
  • Three sight configurations available (three-dot night sights, Ameriglo tritium/photoluminescent, and plastic OEM).
  • No plans for a Glock Gen 5 MOS model.
  • Glock Gen 5 magazines feature orange followers.
Glock Gen 5

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Given the Glock Gen 5 is based upon the M-model pistols designed for use with agencies such as the FBI, and the degree to which Glock so thoroughly updated so many components of the pistol, very few parts will interchange with previous Glock models. Gen 4 magazine releases, magazines, striker springs and sleeves, channel liners, and spring cups are the only components that will work in a Glock Gen 5 pistol. That means the vast majority of the aftermarket components available for Glock pistols will not work. However, with a familiar footprint, most holsters should remain compatible with the Glock Gen 5, as will magazine pouches, etc.

For a hands-on review, check out The Firearm Blog’s first impression at a Glock-hosted launch event.

Glock Gen 5

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