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For AR-15 owners, e-petition E-111 could change everything.

In case you have been living under a rock, we have a new government in Canada… and although it’s certainly a contentious matter among gun owners, one of the few things the new government has done that’s been relatively well received by all has been to proclaim the validity of electronic petitions as a method of influencing legislation. Far easier than the old paper format, the new e-petition system is more accessible in the modern era, and also provides a much easier method for special interest groups to gather support.

Why do we bring this to your attention? Because while there may be just ten e-petitions currently available for citizens to endorse online, the one that’s topping the Parliamentary charts with the most support is e-petition E-111, which reads:

Petition to the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness


  • The current firearm legislation classifies the semi-auto Armalite Rifle – 15 and variants as restricted when there is no inherent difference between it and that of hundreds or thousands of other firearms in Canada which have been, in due process, classified as non-restricted;
  • The restriction on the AR-15 and its variants prohibits the use of this semi-automatic modern sporting rifle from being used for lawful purposes such as hunting;
  • This rifle has been ultimately restricted purely because of cosmetic appearance of the rifle which does not make the rifle more dangerous. It has been assembled with modern day materials (plastic & aluminium) and that shouldn’t be the merit to base a rifle for restricted classification as there are thousands of other rifles like it used on a day to day basis for legitimate purposes;
  • This rifle is the most versatile hunting rifle in the world. The calibre can easily be changed to meet lawful provincial hunting requirements from small game to big game animals without the need to purchase multiple gaming rifles; and
  • The Armalite Rifle – 15 was in fact legal to hunt with before the mid 1990’s firearm classification changes and we hunters would like that opportunity restored.
We, the undersigned, Lawful Firearm Owners of Canada, request (or call upon) the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness to Re-classify the Armalite Rifle – 15 back to non-restricted status so we can once again use this rifle to lawfully participate in the Canadian cultural practices of hunting.
As of right now, this petition has over 11,000 signatures. It has a formal sponsor in the shape of Bob Zimmer; a Conservative MP representing Prince George – Peace River – Northern Rockies, BC. It has, in short, shown promise. So head on over to the Government’s e-petition site here and sign it. Because 11,000 might be more than any other petition… but it should be just the beginning.