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The Derya MK10 autoloading, box magazine-fed 12-guage shotgun is coming to Canada, and it’s already earned a position on the Firearms Reference Table as a non-restricted firearm.

Constructed from an upper and lower receiver made of 7075 aluminium, and borrowing some dimensions from the AR-family of rifles, this attractive gas-operated shotgun accepts AR-15 stocks and pistol grips, and features a full-length picatinny top rail. Furthermore, in order to make it more easily operated by shooters familiar with the AR’s excellent manual of arms, the Derya MK10 uses an AR-style push-button magazine release, and an AR-style action release paddle on the left-hand side of the receiver.

Unlike an AR-15, and crucial to its non-restricted classification, the upper and lower receivers of the MK10 are not pinned in place but rather slid together and retained by a rotating lever at the front of the lower receiver. Overall, the system by which the upper and lower are joined is not entirely dissimilar from Alberta Tactical Rifle Supply’s Modern Hunter and Modern Varminter rifles, as the Derya relies on a trunnion-style system of joining the receivers. This obviously precludes the fitment of an AR-style upper or lower, and ensures the shotgun’s non-restricted status.

In terms of chambering and included kit, the MK10 will ship in a very slick foam-lined case, with a detachable carry handle and fibre-optic front sight. It’ll work with 2-3/4” and 3” loads, and comes from the factory with a breacher choke, with additional chokes to be made available in March. Crucially, each gun will ship with three magazines, and additional magazines will be available right from the outset. Most eye-catchingly, however, are the available colours. The first shipment, due shortly, includes black, nickel, tan and crimson anodized shades, with a second shipment following in February of 2016. MSRP is expected to be right around $1000, and the limited first shipment’s contents are headed to the following dealers exclusively with a delivery date expected before Christmas: Al Simmons, SFRC, Firearms Outlet Canada, Lanz Shooting Supplies, Reliable Gun, T&T Arms, Game On Outdoors, CTVSP, Downrange Supplies, Select Shooting Supplies.