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Colt Canada has given Calibre a sneak peek at the next generation of the IUR family of rifles. Known as the Colt Canada MRR, or Modular Railed Rifle, this new rifle is the direct result of input from Colt Canada’s extensive special operations and law enforcement customer base, and brings lighter weight and even more modularity to the existing Colt Canada IUR system.


Obviously the single biggest update is the introduction of Magpul’s M-Lok attachment system in place of the IUR’s NATO-spec forward railed sections at the 3, 6, and 9-o’clock positions. The deletion of those rail sections and the removal of the grenade launcher recoil lug (special operations groups specified that grenade launchers were rarely fitted) results in the new MRR weighing almost a full 3/4 of a pound less than the outgoing IUR rifles when fitted with the same heavy-profile barrel. Additionally, we have been told that further weight savings can be realized by opting for a new lightweight barrel profile, but full specifications and weights are as yet undetermined.

The decision to select M-Lok over its chief competitor, Keymod, was credited largely to M-Lok’s preference among Colt Canada’s LEO and military customers. However, additional performance metrics such as tear-off strength and ease of manufacture were also taken into account. We will be following up with Colt Canada in the coming days to get more information on their selection of M-Lok over Keymod so check back over the next couple days for more on this story.


Another major change from the Colt Canada standard is the availability of new Cerakote finishes directly from the factory. Although these finishes will remain optional for Colt Canada’s various customers, we have been told that early interest in the MRR indicates that many military rifles will be issued with Cerakote finishes. Furthermore, Colt Canada plans to adopt the process of Cerakoting all MRR barrels in light of some end-users having difficulty maintaining the finish of a parkerized barrel when surrounded by the monolithic handguard assembly.


Having been in development for some time, we have no doubt that additional updates exist within the Colt Canada MRR platform, but we have been told that details will remain relatively sparse until the rifles are formally shown to the world at SHOT 2016. However, we did manage to find out that Colt Canada will place priority on law enforcement and military procurement contracts, with potential civilian release of the MRR platform incumbent upon the level of interest generated in the civilian market.

So to Colt Canada we have only this to say: Yes, please.

Editor’s note: Additional photos will be made available here and on Instagram ( as they become available.