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Although it’s really, really easy for the average gun owner to get caught up in the minutia of guns and ammo, doing so oftentimes neglects the other end of the equation that’s just as necessary: targets. After all, shooting at nothing at all wouldn’t be a whole lot of fun, right? And while paper might be the most accurate way to improve your groups, it’s not always the most rewarding… after all, you can accomplish the same thing with a hole punch. So, enter the Champion Duraseal line of targets. Available in a wide variety of reactive shapes and sizes, these hard, rigid targets can surprisingly sustain multiple hits from rounds as large as .50 BMG without taking any significant damage. Self-healing to an incredible degree, we had the opportunity to handle samples at SHOT show, and can vouch for the fact that small targets shot three to five times with rounds varying from .22 to .223 to .45 ACP to .50 BMG bore nothing more than slight blackening around the bullet’s entry and exit path; most of it residue from the barrel. Not bad for under $50!