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We have received confirmation that Canadian Tire will be retiring the SKS rifle from their growing Hunting Pro Shop inventory. This statement from a Canadian Tire spokesperson accompanied confirmation of this news:

‘As part of our regular product review process, we often introduce or retire products from our categories, taking into consideration product mix and assortment. Last year alone, we introduced over 10,000 new items, including products in our hunting and fishing categories in support of Canada’s rich outdoor traditions.’

Furthermore, online reports from Canadian Tire staff posit that many of the Hunting Pro Shop locations have received a memo informing them to remove the SKS from store shelves, but no Canadian Tire employee was able to confirm this memos existence to Calibre staff.

However,  one Canadian Tire Pro Shop employee, in speaking to Calibre directly, purported the move is a reactionary one coming out of a fear that the semi-auto surplus SKS rifles on Canadian Tire shelves may be somehow linked to “automatic weapons” in response to the Las Vegas massacre.

Prior to being discontinued by Canadian Tire, the SKS rifle was Canadian Tire’s best-selling firearm and remains one of the most popular firearms in Canada.