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On Tuesday, November 8, the United States of America will conclude the most contentious president race in recent memory. And regardless of who wins, what will follow will be a period of mild to moderate instability wherein some of the most rabid members of the US electorate struggle to comprehend the outcome of Tuesday’s election.

Which means, as it always does, that Americans will flock to their local gun stores to purchase everything from Pmags to .22 ammunition. And unfortunately, for those of us served somewhat lower down the supply chain, such as foreign markets like ours… those things may again become relatively scarce regardless of the election’s outcome.

However, if Hillary Clinton should win, the ramifications will be staggering. She has been a staunch supporter of gun control in that past and has echoed President Obama’s call for gun reform in the USA. Furthermore, with the ability to fill a Supreme Court justice seat, Clinton will be in a prime position to alter the US second amendment in a way no previous president would ever have dared… or would have ever dreamed of. Clinton’s election will absolutely, undoubtedly, drive the single largest buying spree of guns, ammunition, and accessories in US history.

Unfortunately, as Canadians, we have no input on the US election. Yes, such sweeping gun reform as some have proposed may occur under Clinton may embolden our own government to unfortunately follow suit, and yes the outcome of this election will probably drive supply levels for various products from “it’s out there if you look” to “backordered – sign up on this five year wait list.” But that may simply be the reality we need to deal with.

So if you’ve been eyeing up some ammunition, accessories, or firearms; especially those that are popular or produced in the US… now might be the time to pull out the credit card. We are.