Photo: Burris

Burris releases new line of thermal optics

Burris has a new line of thermal optics on the market, including a handheld night vision scope, a clip-on that converts a standard scope over to night vision, and a full-fledged thermal riflescope.

All models come with  f/1,2 focal length, 400×300 resolution, five different colour profiles, 17μm pixel size, 1024×768 colour OLED screen and 50hz frame rate. They all have a recording option and can be synced with a mobile device via a wifi option. All models have five different colour profiles. All models come with either a 35 mm or 50 mm objective lens. Thermal tracking and radiametric ranging features are standard, and all models have adjustable brightness and contrast. All these optics also feature multiple reticle options.

The new Burris Thermal Handheld  comes with 2.3-9.2x zoom for the lower-priced 35 mm option, and the higher-priced 50 mm version has 3.3-13.2x zoom capability. Both models also have 4x digital zoom capability. Battery life is around five hours or less. The 35 mm version weighs 485 grams, and the 50 mm version weighs 535 grams, although weight isn’t as big a deal with handhelds. US pricing is $1,999 – $2,199.

Then, there’s the Burris Thermal Clip-On. These are designed to be attached to a standard rifle optic, giving it thermal vision capability, or they can also be used as a handheld. Most of the specs are same as the Handheld line. The Clip-On model comes with either 2x or 4x digital zoom. Battery life drops to roughly three hours, and weight is under 400 grams for the 35 mm version, under 450 grams for the 50 mm versions. Pricing runs from $2,999 to $3,199 in the US.

Finally, there’s the thermal riflescope. This comes in 35 mm version (with 1.7-6.8x zoom) or 50 mm version (with 2.9-9.2x zoom). You also get 2x or 4x digital zoom, and 48 mm eye relief. It’s made to attach to a Picatinny rail; battery life is three hours or less, unless you upgrade to a high-output battery, which boosts that to five hours or less.

For other details on the new Burris optics, check out the company’s website.

Canadian availability?

We haven’t heard heard anything about Canadian pricing or availability on these optics yet. Given our fairly restrictive hunting laws compared to many US states, it’s unlikely we’d see the same demand up here, but no doubt some people will want the option of buying these.