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How does a carrying bag that also acts a drag bag and a shooting mat sound to you? If you answered good, or something to that affect, then have a look at Blackhawk’s Stalker bag. Made from durable 1000 denier NyTaneon and over 50” long, this bag has both the size and strength to handle what you throw at it. With a central divider complete with internal straps to keep your firearms in place, you can carry two rifles within the bag – or shotguns should you choose so. Additional storage is available in various external pockets. Quality is consistent throughout as Blackhawk carefully engineered the straps to make for comfortable use during transport, complete with HawkTek non-slip shoulder pads and heavy duty hand wraps for while on the move. Our favourite feature is its ability to be unzipped down its length and laid down as a shooting mat on a half inch of firm padding; keeping you comfortable, doubling to keep your weapons snug in transit. Starting at around $140, this is a quality bag with some functionality that’s worth its weight in gold.