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Just a few hours south of Calibre’s home offices in Kelowna sits a riding that’s seen tremendous swings throughout the election campaign, with the NDP and Conservatives trading blows week after week, just as they have over the past few elections.

The local Conservative candidate, Helena Konanz, made headlines in the spring by planning to host a regional gathering of conservative candidates and MPs to discuss Bill C-71 and how best to oppose it. Just over a week prior, however, a multiple homicide occurred in the city of Penticton; within the South Okanagan – West Kootenay hopeful’s riding. But, even although it garnered questions from the press regarding timeliness of the meeting in relation to the awful crime (which was perpetrated with a firearm), Konanz admitted the timing wasn’t ideal but went ahead with the meeting as planned, telling the Kelowna Daily Courier that the meeting was “something that people who live around here have requested. If the constituents of this riding want to discuss something, I’m going to be there.” Having fought Bill C-71 ourselves all the way up to and including testifying at the Senate, we at Calibre appreciate her help immensely… all as a candidate, not even a Member of Parliament yet!

As a result, Calibre is happy to endorse Helena Konanz in the tumultuous South Okanagan – West Kootenay as the best option for gun owners in the area. Mrs. Konanz’ proactive attitude and dedication to helping on the Bill C-71 file demonstrated earlier this year, even before earning the seat, gives us the confidence that she will be an excellent advocate for gun owners in the South Okanagan and West Kootenays.