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The 2019 election is weeks away. Justin Trudeau has committed to banning some 250,000 so-called “assault rifles,” and plans to make further revisions to the way firearms are bought and sold, potentially bringing the entire gun community to its knees. In the very least it will bring about the end of almost every gun website, forum, magazine, tv show or otherwise in Canada. Including this one.

So we need to make sure that doesn’t happen. And we’re going to start making that happen in Fredericton, where the Liberals hold a lead of less than 1%. Given the number of electors in Freddy, this gap equates to roughly 480 people currently. Everyone past 480 is just building the lead.

What do you need to do?

Well if you live in the riding, obviously cast a ballot for the currently second-place Conservative Candidate Andrea Johnson. Given all three other major parties are aligned with the Liberals’ gun ban plan to varying degrees, a Conservative majority government is the only way to ensure gun ban legislation is not tabled. There are no other options. If you are able, contact her EDA and campaign team to volunteer.

Then, reach out to your local gun clubs, shops, and sporting clubs. We’ve linked a few here. Share this article with them, and see if they would allow an email to be sent to their members informing them of their particular importance in this election. And if any gun club secretaries are reading this: You absolutely have our permission to copy/paste/chop up, cut or otherwise use anything you see here to get that email out to your members. It’s important that we do. Regardless, keep these emails short, and to the point; it’s an awkward thing discussing politics and it doesn’t come naturally so simply lay out the facts as we have and given them the best option to avoid pointless gun bans.

Finally, if any gun clubs or shops in the Fredericton riding would like, they can contact us here at Calibre on Facebook or via email (located under the “contact” tab in the top right) and we will furnish you with signage for your store’s countertop as we are able.

Please reach out to:

The Fredericton Recreational Shooting Association

Fredericton Trap & Skeet Club Inc. Range

Northside Pistol Range

Fredericton Gun Shop