Altis won’t help feds firearms confiscation, buyback plan

To paraphrase Mark Twain: Reports of Altis Human Resources’ involvement with the federal firearms confiscation and buyback plan have been greatly exaggerated. Altis did have a contract to help the feds find an employee for the firearms confiscation program, but that’s been cancelled. There was no plan to help organize the confiscation and buyback, says Altis.


This summer, and again in the fall, the Canadian federal government issued a tender, looking for a private partner to help out with its planned firearms confiscation and buyback plan. This private partner would design a compensation scheme for gun owners affected by the Order In Council ban. If everything worked out, the partner would also potentially manage the program.

The procurement website didn’t list any interested vendors for either tender. Both closed with no takers listed.

However, Conservative MP Blair Calkin pressed Public Safety Canada, asking if the feds had found a project manager for the confiscation and buyback program. This is a different government contract, and it’s the contract that Altis submitted a proposal for, which makes sense. Altis is a human resources company. It matches people with jobs, and placed a person in this position.

Altis is out

Yesterday, Altis said it cancelled that contract. As per a statement on Altis’ LinkedIn page:

ExcelHR and Altis Recruitment, and our employees, were subject to a wide range of concerns and threats today that were based on false and misunderstood information,

Our company was selected for a government contract for one person that has been cancelled. It was a position at Public Safety in the firearms section.

We do not facilitate or associate with the program, legislation, implementation or policy regarding firearms in Canada or anywhere else.

We are not involved in a firearms buy-back program and have no part in it.

Any questions regarding the firearms buy-back program should be directed to your MPP and Public Safety. Our mission is to help Canadian organizations locate the best talent and assist Canadians in finding the perfect job. Nothing more, nothing less.

Some takeaways

First, while it’s understandable Canadians would be concerned about any private company assisting the federal government with its firearms confiscation plan. However, it is unacceptable to threaten employees of Altis or other private companies with illegal activity over these concerns.

Second, it seems government still hasn’t found anyone to manage its firearms confiscation and buyback program.

Third, it also seems the federal government still has no private partner for its buyback plan, unless there’s something else going on that hasn’t been announced. This potentially throws the whole confiscation scheme far behind schedule.