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If you own firearms in Canada, you really should be doing three things… and you need to do them immediately. From the Danforth to the latest shooting in Fredericton, Canadian gun control movements are pressuring the government to act brashly and without proper insight; trying to force them to pass laws that will give the appearance of accomplishing something, while actually doing nothing to diminish criminal use of firearms, and scapegoating millions of law-abiding Canadians.

What do you need to do?

  1. Join an organization, or two, or three… or four. Join ’em all. These organizations are answering calls from journalists, dispelling rumour, and working to keep government honest… as much as they possibly can. They deserve our support
  2. Go talk to your gun club. Email the executive, the Board of Directors, your club President…. all of the above. Either get them to write or sign a letter of your creation that can then be forwarded to your local MP.Hell, send it out to local gun shops, too. The more people that undersign a letter, the more unified our front, and the more frightening it may be for an MP facing re-election next year. Keep it short, and polite, but don’t shy away from using forceful language. If your writing a Liberal or NDP MP, tell them that any movement towards additional gun control laws in some inane effort to appease an ignorant minority will be met with opposition in the form of donations to another party, volunteer hours dedicated to fighting them for the ballot box next year, and of course, votes. If your MP is a Conservative, ensure that they understand the degree of support they can rely on from the undersigned depends on their response to this issue.
  3. Recognize that you are the organizations you belong to you, be it a national level gun rights organization, or a local gun club comprised of a hundred like-minded individuals. Annual membership dues are not simply the price of admission; they’re the dues you pay to belong. And as a member you have both rights (voting, etc) and responsibilities (volunteering) to an organization if that organization is to succeed. So after you’ve joined a bunch of orgs and clubs, and written your letters to the government, write an email to at least of the groups you belong to and ask what you can do to help, or if you see an area they clearly need help in, offer to take that subject on.