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Over the past few years, we’ve seen massive movement in the tactical long-range rifle arena, spurred by new machining processes and a better understanding of what makes an accurate rifle. Just a decade ago, when the notion of a sub-MOA factory rifle was oftentimes more fiction than fact, getting into any of the “sniper” disciplines meant first emptying your wallet. Now though, with factory guns capable of delivering sub-MOA performance for hundreds rather than thousands of dollars, so too have we seen the ancillary components come down in price. Chassis systems have gone from thousands to hundreds, and passable optics can now be found for half of what they used to cost, but nothing has quite lowered the price boom like Magpul’s Remington 700 magazine well. First shown to the public back in the late spring, Magpul encountered some delays, and only just released this product for sale this month.

Bottom metal for a bolt-action rifle used to cost hundreds of dollars. Largely because it was made in relatively small volumes and actually took some machining to make, it was pricey, but it allowed shooters to finally have a platform that accepted detachable box magazines. Magpul’s new polymer bottom “metal” option for Remington 700s does the exact same thing, but has a US MSRP of just $69. However, it’s not quite as simple as that, as Magpul specifically states that this product is for their Remington 700 Hunter chassis, meaning it may not work with other Remington 700 stocks and chassis system. However, that said, Magpul also stipulates that their Hunter chassis works with stock Remington 700 detachable magazine systems, so it may be a case wherein this system will fit some stocks beyond the Hunter but not enough for Magpul to say it’s a 100% compatible fit with all chassis and stock options.

Although we haven’t yet received confirmation that this product will be available in Canada, we don’t see why it would not be imported, and when combined with MDT’s more affordable Canadian-made AICS-pattern magazines, should provide new or budget-friendly shooters with a perfectly acceptable solution to their blind magazine.

“The Magpul Bolt Action Magazine Well is a drop-in solution for our Remington 700 Hunter Stock for those that are wishing to add detachable box magazine capabilities to their rifle.

By simply removing your OEM bottom metal and our spacer from the Hunter 700 Stock, users can add this reinforced polymer trigger guard and magazine well without the need for custom inletting from gunsmiths. Designed to work with AICS pattern, short action magazines. This kit also includes one Magpul PMAG® 5 7.62 AC.

Made in the USA.


  • Designed specifically for the Hunter 700 Stock and all short action caliber AICS (Accuracy International Chassis Systems) pattern magazines
  • Installs easily with no inletting required*
  • Reinforced polymer construction provides durability with light weight
  • Large trigger guard allows for use with gloves
  • Steel action screw pillars
  • Low-profile, anti-snag ambidextrous magazine release is made of Melonite® treated steel for wear and corrosion resistance
  • Includes one 7.62×51/.308 Winchester PMAG 5 7.62 AC magazine”