To receive Calibre magazine on the most regular basis, subscriptions are available for $30. That gets you all six issues of Canada’s firearm magazine delivered right to your door, each discreetly packaged within an opaque envelope for your security and peace of mind. Click on the PayPal link on this page to complete your subscription request, or email us for details on payment via email money transfer (EMT) or cheque.

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Auto-renew-sub-image-298x300Subscribe on an ongoing basis with our automatic renewal option to get continuous and uninterrupted deliveries. $30 subscription fee will be administered once per year automatically by Paypal and can be cancelled prior to renewal.



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Annual-sub-imagePurchase a single year subscription for you or a friend to recieve six issues of Calibre directly in the mail for $30. Note, no renewal notice will be sent at the completion of your subscription.






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