If you recall from our original review of the SAP6 when it was first imported into the Canadian market, you know that we had one bugaboo with the original gun’s design: the safety. Not that it was overly problematic in its shape, or oddly placed, but rather that it was ridiculously hard to engage.

Well, we just received word from the SAP6’s importer, Tactical Imports, that the safety issue has been rectified for all new SAP6 shotguns. Additionally, we were informed that there’s a new option available for the spring-assisted pump-action shotgun; namely the availability of the new Competition model. Looking to appease the competitive shooting market, the SAP6 Competition can now be had with a 14” or even 18” barrel, and both barrels come with interchangeable chokes. That should help the three-gun shooter looking to get a bit tighter patterns or more velocity out of their shots as well as those looking to use the SAP6 Competition for impromptu backwoods trap shoots.

Furniture-wise, the pump handle now features a picatinny rail for accessory mounting, and the whole package ships with two magazines; one standard six round magazine and one massive 11-round magazine. Additional 6- and 11-round magazines can be purchased for $45 and $59 respectively, making the big 11-rounders our choice. Finally, while the barrel length is a no-cost option between the 14″ and 18″ models, a spare 18″ barrel with choke can be purchased for $199 for those that want the small size of the 14″ gun with the added ability to shoot an 18″ shotgun when so desired.

Obviously none of this changes the SAP6 Competition’s status, and it remains non-restricted, but the additional features of the new Competition model are worth an extra $50 at the time of purchase.